As sensorial eperience begin at birth, the sensorial Montessori materials are designed to help the children refine their visual, tactile, baric, thremic, auditory, olfactory and stereognostic sense. With the use of the materials and their senses, the child is able to study and begin to understand their enviroment through their own experiences.


Visual Sense Excercises- Children will learn how to visually determine the difference between objects that are similar and different.

Materials: Knobbed cylinders, pink tower, brown stairs , red rods, color tablets, geometric cabinet, constuctive triangles, knobless cylinders, binomial cube, and leaf cabinet.


Tactile Sense Exercises- Chidlren will learn how to forcus on what they are feeling and learning through the use of their hand.

Materials: Rough and smooth boards, smooth gradation tablets, and fabric box.


Baric Sense Exercise- Children will determine the difference of pressure and weight of varying objects, heightening ic Sense Exercisetheir sense through the use of a blindfold.

Materials:Thermic tables


Thermic Sense Exercises-Children will determine the difference in temperature in various materials.

Materials: Thermic tablets and thermic bottles.


Auditory Sense Exercise- Children will discriminate the difference between sound, in turn becoming more sensitive to the sounds in their enviroment.

Materials:Sound cylinders


Olfactory Sense Exercises- Children will discriminate between different fragances and scents.

Materials:Smelling bottles


Stereognostic Sense Exercises- Children will feel objects and based on what they feel, make certain recognitions, addding to the child's muscular memory as they recall the impressions made by the materials.

Materials: Geometric solids, mystery bags, land and water globe of continents, and puzzel maps

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