Practical Life

Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”

 -Maria Montessori


Capitalizing on the child's natural interest in activites witness practical life activites are meant to teach children how to care out day to day activites through preliminary applications, applied application, grace and courtesy, and control of movement. Through these excersies, children gain control in the coorinadtion of their movement and they are to gain a sense of independence important in becoming a fully fuctional member of society. Child will also develp an orderly way of thinking through the various excercise.


Preliminary Exercises- Helps children adapt to the basic movements in all societies, pouring, folding, carrying, ect.


Materials: Mats, Chairs, Tables, Tray, Door Books, Bottles and Tops, Clothes, Grains, Spoons, Bowls


Applied Exercises-Help children learn about everyday life and habits and the care and maintenace of both person and enviroment.


Materials: Soap, Dressing Fames, Shoe Polish, Shoes, Chalkboard, Broom, Mop, Dust Pan, Duster, Towels, Plates, Eating utensils, Napkins


Grace and Courtesy Exercise- Helps children develop the socail skill nessary to interact with others and work on manners. Children will practice greeting, what to do when yawning and coughing, and introducing themselves.


Control of Movement Exercises-Helps children understand and learn of their own movements and refines their coordination.


Materials: Bells, line


Creative Expression activities allow children to express themselves through various modes of act as it is essential that students be able to express themselves creativity through the art.


Stroking- Items supporting the stroking motion, such as paintbrushes.

Smearing- Paint, paste or glue, finger paint, ect

Molding/Squishing- Playdough and accessories, sponges, finger paint, ect.

Tearing/Cutting-Scissors, magazines, newspaper,tissue paper, ect

Paper- Assortment: Construction paper, drawing pape,easel paper, newspaper, paper bags

Drawing- Crayons, markers, chalk, ect.

Crafting-Collage items, paste, glue

Rhythm- Various musical instruments, bells, ect.

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