As math is all around children from day one, the mathematics Montessori materials are designed to help children with number concepts, shapes,space,counting, and numerical relationships. Children are presented with numeration, the decimal system, computation, the arithmetic tables, whole numbers, fractions, and positive numbers. They will learn to estimate, quantify, identify, similarities differences and patterns.


Numbers Through Ten Excersises- Help memorize sequence of number from 1 to 10, demonstrates that each number is represented by a single object, teaches symbols for the numbers the child knows, prepares for the writing of numerals, relate sysmbols to quantities, help indicate odd and even numbers, and prepare for addition and multiplication.

-Materials: Number rods, sandpaper numbers, spindle box, color bead stairs, and numerals and counters.


Decimal System Excercise- Introduces children to the decimal system, familiarizing them with names and sizes of the categories and acquainting them with the written symbols for the quantities/categories of the decimal system.

-Materials: Introduction to decimal quanity with trays and introduction to decimal symbols.


Linear and Skip Counting Exercises- Helps children connect names and symbols, count by tens, teachthe numbers 11-99, and show quantities with the relation to the quantity of 10.

-Materials: Tens boards, short bead stairs, teen beads and hanger, teen board, hundred bead chain, thousand bead chain


Tables of Arithmetic Exercises- Helps familiarize children to possible number combinations: helps practice in addition, subtraction and multiplication, leads to memorization of facts essential to these three mathematical categories, reinforces the fact that addition and multiplication are of the same concept, and prepares for division, deometry and algebra.

-Materials: Addition Snake Game, Addition Strip Board, Additon WOrking Charts, Subtraction Snake Game, Subtraction Strip Board, Subtraction Working CHarts, Multiplication Bead Board, Multiplication Working Charts.


Passage to Abstraction-Helps children learn the relationship between categories of the decimal system and clarifies position and place value while aiding with addition and subtraction.

-Materials: Small Beads Frame


Fractions- Help children write creatively and bring their handwriting to high level.

-Materials:Wooden Fraction Circles, Fraction Skittles

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