Such experiences is not just play…. It is work he must do in order to grow up.”

-Maria Montessori


As language is the means for communicating ideas, thoughts and feelings, the language Montessori materials are designed to help the childrean communicate both orally and in the written form. Children will learn to communicate through pictures and drawings and through language symbols, the alphabet and words. THey will begin to realize the idea that sounds and words have meaning and that these symbols can be used in writting, reading, and comprehension. Children will classify what they have learned and build self confidence as they become as they become msters of their words.


Reading Exploration- At least fifteen (15) age-appropiate brooks acessible to the children. A minimum of six (6) books are displayed in an inviting manner so that children can see their covers. There is a minimum of two (2) types of age-appropriate books which could include but are not limited to big books, quality literature books, children's story bookks, teacher-made books, and books written by the children.


Read Readiness- File foldeer games, sequencing puzzles, patterning activities, story sequencing, computers with appropriate software, ect.


Oral Language Exercise- Helps to develop self expressions and clarify speech

   Materials- Books from the book corner and phonics booklets, pink sentence cards, beginning sounds sorting set, ending sounds sorting set, compound words sorting set.


Written Language Exercises- Helps to heighten the child's awareness of sounds in words, unite muscular and visual memory, prepare for writting and reading, and master the hands in using a writing instrument.

   Materials: Lowercase sandpaper letters , capital case sandpaper letters, double lower case sandpaper letters, moveable alphabets, metal inserts.


Dicating- Writing materials such as large pads, large clipboards with paper, pencil, markers, ect. to be used for experience charts, group stories, and/or dictation allowing children to share this thoughts. THese items may be located in another part of the classroom.


Handwriting Exercises-Helps children write creatively and bring their handwriting to a high level.

 Materials: Writing paper, greenboards, dry erase boards

Writing Experimentation- A variety of materials accessible to children that encourage scribbling, drawing, copying, inventive spelling, ect. Children are provided with appropriately sized pencils, crayons, markers, and paper.


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