Challenge Your Child's Mind at SMALL WORLD MONTESSORI SCHOOL!

“The child’s parents are not his makers but his guardians."

-Maria Montessori



A.Breakfast will be served from 6:30am-8:30am.

B.Students arriving after 8:30am should have had breakfast at home



A. All Students must be in shcool by 9:00am. Students who arrive to school late without a valid reason (i.e Doctor's appointment,Dentist), will not be permitted to attend for that day.

B. A doctor's note for office visit will be required for admittance after 9:00am.

C. All doors will be closed by 9:00am , the latest. This will be strictly enforced.

D. IF you will be tardy, please call before 9:00am.

E. A child will not be accepted into school after 4 incidences of tardiness per month.


Uniform Policy

A. Mandatory SCHOOL UNIFORMS consist of:

I. Gold Small WOrld Montessori logo shirt

II. Black pants/shorts/skorts

B. Shoes: Sheos must be comfortable for the child and must have a velcro closure for those who cannot tie their own shoe.

C. Uniforms must be CLEAN. A child appearance is a reflaction of the etiquette of the parents and the educational institution that the child attents. Children who arrive with a dirty uniform will be sent home.


Personal Items

One (1) Crib sized sheet. Sleeping mats are approximately 24" x 48"

A. One (1) crib sized blanket

B.Two (2) sets change of clothing (non-uniform) that includes shirts, pants, and underwear.

C. Diapers:20 per week with your child's name labeled on each diaper.

D. Wipes:1 box with your childs name labeled on the box. Refill as needed.

E. Book bags: Required on Mondays and Firdays ONLY. Please label all book bags.


I.Sheets, blankets,clothing,and book bags must be labeled with a permanent marker such as a sharpie.

II.This helps to reduce or prevent loss.



A.Cash Payments Only will be accepted for:

I.Registration Fee

II.Materials Fee




B. The tuition rate will be charged to your account whether or not the child is in attendance at the center.

C. One week vacation credit will be given after you have been a client of Small World Montessori Method School for one (1) year.

D. I understand that there is no automatic reduction of fees when my child is on vaction or is not in attendance at Small World Montessori School for any reason.

E. Tuition is due at the beginning of the month prior to service rendered.

F. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed on accounts past due by the 2nd day of each week.

G.Services can be suspended at anytime without notice if payments are not recieved when due.

H. Money Orders will also be accepted.



Progress Reports

A. Progress reports along with your child's class-work will be sent home bi-weekly on Friday's.

B.Your child's work will be placed in a storage center conveniently loccated at the reception area.

C.Work that is not picked up two consecutive times will result in cessation of future classwork.


Homework Policy

A.Homework will be offered to the preschool and Pre-K chidlren every other Friday unless otherwise stated.

B.Homework will not be offered on a holiday weekend.

C.Homework will be signed before it is distrubed.

D.All previous work must be returned before additional homework is given.


Discipline Policy

"Preventing conflicts is the work of politics; establishing peace is the work of education"

Maria Montessori


At Small World Montessori , we view discipline not as a mean of punishing a child who has acted up inappropriately, but rather as a means of teaching a child appropriate behavior. Positive discipline involves the teacher explaining why the child is being disciplined and what the child must do to return back to normal status with the group. A child may be excluded from the group due to inapropriate behavior. We instill a "thinking time" form od discipline. In which a child may not engage in any form of activity but rather use this period to reflect on his/her ations. This method creates a base of moral behavior, in which not only do the children know what is appropriiate behavior, but know the resolutions to inappropriate behavior.


1.The child(ren) involved in a conflict will be given an opportunity to iddentify the behavior to be changed by defining the problem.

2.The children will generate a few solutions and decide what the best solution to the problem is.

3.The children will act upon the solution.



If your child will not be attending school for whatever reason, please notify us by calling the school or telling us ahead of time.

If your your child is ill and was told to be kept home for a period of time please provide a dcotor's note for your child to return to school.


Health Policy

Students who are sick with a high fever of over 101 degrees, runny nose with muscus that appears to be yellow or green in color, diarrhea or vomiting should be kept home until they are fully recovered. This policy must be followed in order to protect other students and teachers that are well, from getting sick. Thanks for your cooperation.


Late Pickup

If I am running late and will not be able to arrive at the center by 6:00pm, I will call the center and notify them of the delay.

If my child is not picked up by 6:00pm, A Late fee of $1.00 per minute.


Prior to withdrawing your child, a written notice addressed to the director is required. If two weeks' notice is not given, i will be responsible for a two week tuition charge from the time the notice is given.


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